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A Collection of Sartorial Works by Marie Gnanaraj and Marisa Gnanaraj 28th June – 18th July 2019.

Woven Structures is a collection of work that has, in the hands of its makers, listened to the stirrings of environment and context as it shifted and evolved around a home. And so, this collection emerges almost as an act of storytelling in texture and colour as it relates to fabric. Woven Structures tells of a commitment made by two women to the sartorial art/work, producing selected, individual pieces of work through creative processes telling of simplicity in approach and clarity of method. Within the folds and form of the work in the collection is an expression of the 1990s as a lived experience of modernity and the environment, shifting textures and changing colour tones, and an evolving sensibility and sense of practice.

Marie Gnanaraj was introduced to the colourful world of handloom in the year 1975. She apprenticed with renowned Artist Barbara Sansoni, and is now the principal designer in weaving at BAREFOOT. Her approach to the woven is not a consideration of ‘cloth’ but as a site of expression and interpretive possibility. She believes that the artistry and versatility in weaving is being able to manipulate colour and texture, thus creating depth in design.

Marisa Gnanaraj works from her home studio meticulously handcrafting all of her garments with one-of-a-kind detailing. In 2012, she launched her independent design label M FACT. Her design ethos is not trend-led, rather ‘season-less’, with silhouettes that have an easy fit vibe to them. The profundity of this ethos lies in its simplicity of intent: that people wear her clothes – the agentive becomes the garment that does not estrange the body, rather revels in the changing trajectory of the individual body.

Marie and Marisa’s first collaboration was in 2011 for a clothing collection ‘Juxta –Op’. They continue working in collaboration. In 2017, their menswear collection ‘Horizon Infinity’ was nominated and short listed for Beazley Design of the Year and was exhibited at the London Design Museum.

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The Colombo Gallery was begun by Barbara Sansoni in 1967 and had its home in Anderson Road in a building designed by Ulrik Plesner. The Colombo Gallery became Gallery 706 and that became the BAREFOOT GALLERY in the mid-nineties, which serves as a platform for artists, musicians, poets, and filmmakers in Colombo.