Since 1964


Exhibition of paintings by Sanjeewa Kumara, Vajira Gunawardena,
Sujeewa Kumari, Susil Senanayake, Dileepa Jeewantha

From 15th November – 1st December 2019

At what point do we define art as contemporary? When it is produced by artists who are still alive and continually developing? When it involves the latest new moment to differ from all previous moments?The problem isn’t just that nobody can agree on what contemporary art is; it’s that nobody knows when the contemporary era begins. Some curators see a likely candidate in 1989: the year of the Berlin Wall’s fall, the Tiananmen Square protests, and the long-overdue anti-colonialism of the “Magiciens de la terre”
exhibition in Paris. So is it simply a chronological question, no matter in what era the style may have originated?

The basic human questions, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Where is here?’ are often integral to our works. ‘Where is here?’ is perhaps less perplexing than ‘Who am I?’

Our art is quite simply, why? and why now and why here?

Barefoot Gallery serves as a platform for artists, musicians, poets, and filmmakers

The Colombo Gallery was begun by Barbara Sansoni in 1967 and had its home in Anderson Road in a building designed by Ulrik Plesner. The Colombo Gallery became Gallery 706 and that became the BAREFOOT GALLERY in the mid-nineties, which serves as a platform for artists, musicians, poets, and filmmakers in Colombo.