Since 1964

The Barefoot Bookshop

The Barefoot Bookshop is known the world over for its specialist selection of titles by Sri Lankan authors, books on Sri Lanka, exquisite coffee table books on art, architecture and photography; beautifully crafted cutting edge novels, self-help books, travel guides and travel books all carefully chosen to make it a real book lovers bookshop. The selection of picture postcards and greeting cards feature photographers and designers from Sri Lanka.

We have published ‘Architecture of an Island’ by Ronald Lewcock, Barbara Sansoni and Laki Senanayake, Viharas and Verandas by Barbara Sansoni as well as her stories for children, that feature two cats, Missy Fu & Tikiri Banda.

We have a wide range of hand bound notebooks, journals and photograph albums, covered in our hand woven cloth.

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Book Signing by Amanda Jay, Saturday 6 January 2018 at 11 AM – 4:30 PM at the Barefoot Bookshop.
Praised for its steampunk world-building, The Other One follows the stories of Tom and Felix, twins who never knew the other existed, and their father, Ezra, a scientist who lives in the shadow of his past mistakes. When Felix’s mother was found murdered, he finds himself uncovering his father’s darkest secrets and racing against time to protect his family, and his clockwork city, from an imbalance which threatens to destroy them all.

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